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Morocco windsurfing spots

Morocco best windsurfing spots

There are some very famous kitesurfing windsurfing and surfing spots in Morocco.

1. Moulay Bouzerktoun

Situated 25 km north of Essaouira, western Morocco. The most windy spot on the earth. Moulay Bouzerktoun is the best wave spot, very easy to jump high and you can catch planty of beautyful waves too!

Moulay Bouzerktoun is a perfect spot to jump very high and surf the waves. You can get help from the pro locals Abderazaq and Toufik to master your most difficult manouvers, and even compare your jumps with Boujmaa!

  • Recommended windsurf sail size: 3.7, 4.2 and 4.7 m2, and a 5.0 may also be useful in winter.
  • Recommended windsurf board volume between 65 and 80 liters.
  • Recommended kite size: 5 m2, 8 m2, and 10 m2 with surf board and 6 m2, 9 m2 and a 12 m2 with twintip board.

The northeast trade-wind is here named ‘Charki’. It blows all year round and increases from mid-March until mid-September It reaches force 7, between 4 and 5 at other times. In winter, the trade-wind is less consistent (3/4 Beaufort) and comes from other directions. The waves are exceptional from spring to fall.

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Moulay Bouzerktoun on Google maps:

2. Essaouira

With less than 30 minutes drive you reach the fortifield medieval sea-port town of ESSAOUIRA, a UNESCO world heritage site, which offers numerous places of interest such as the bustling fishing port or the ancient medina with its abundance of souvenir shops, souks, hammams and restaurants. The long-stretched adjourning beach of ESSAOUIRA is considered one of the best places of the world for wind and kite surfers to gain first wave-sailing experience. Other activities such as horse back camel riding or quad biking are popular alternatives




3. Sidi Kaouki

Situated 30 km south of essaouira. Abderazaq is going to continue :))


Sidi Kaouki on Google maps:




4. Dakhla kite, wind and surf spot

  • Lagoon
  • Open Ocean

Abderazaq is going to continue :))


5. Imsouane Surf spot

Abderazaq is going to continue :))

6. Taghazout Surf

Abderazaq is going to continue :))

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