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Awesome conditions in June 2016

Today we had epic windsurfing conditions that is very an usually for this period of the year. We had around 24 knts, 14 wave period and mast hight.

And here is a selection of pictures from  two days ago. The wind was around 22knts and 1.5 of waves. (As always feel free to use and share these pictures and in case you would like to have it in HD qualtity feel free to ask).

Morocco AWT Windsurfing Event 2016

Morocco AWT Windsurfing Event 2016 is over.

Watch this beautiful video:

Morocco AWT Windsurf Event 2016 from American Windsurfing Tour on Vimeo.

Boujmaa Guilloul is the winner of the AWT Pro Essauira.

Here is the AWT Morocco Pro results. Congratulations Boujmaa for the first place!

1st Boujmaa

2nd Morgan

3rd Pritchard

4th Diony

AWT Morocco DAYS:

The American Windsurfing Tour Pro competition started this afternoon. Here are some photos more is coming soon.

Toufik qualified for tomorrow!    Congratulations and good luck for tomorrow’s Semi-Finals!

gallery AWT Morocco DAY 2:


Windsurfing board works also with two straps!

Luckily Moulay Bouzerktoun is the perfect place for water sport like surf, paddle, kite and windsurf. For most of those sports, I observed that when riding a wave, both feet are in the middle of the board. Windsurf is the only one where the front foot is excentred from the centre line. I wanted to explore this! I took one of my sailboardtarifa custom board, that was already an excellent surfer, I put a footstrap in the middle and just went for a trial.

Results where super interesting for the the surf part, it allows more control, especially in big waves. In light wind condition, I gain more speed as well, which allow me bigger aerial. It didn’t disturb me for aerial nor backloop.
If you are a heavy jumper I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you are wave riding addict, you should try it!
Come in El Mouja Surf if you want to try!

Abderazaq Labdi

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