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Video Lessons by Best Locals and best locals prepared for all of you some expert wave-riding  moves and jumps tutorials. We are working on all popular windsurfing old school moves, but also on some very new ones :)) Check this page often, so you don’t miss any.

1. How  to do a windsurfing back loop? ENG

Back Loop Video Tutorial - Moulay Bouzerktoun Morocco


1. Como hacer un backloop  en windsurf? ESP

Como hacer un backloop? Video Tutorial - Moulay Bouzerktoun Morocco


1. Comment faire un backloop en Windsurf ? FRA

French Back Loop - Moulay Bouzerktoun Morocco


2. Monster Goiters:

 3. Monster high Forward Loop:

We work hard on it :))

rider: Momo Elabdi
text: Momo Elabdi



4. Monster Push Loop

We work hard on it :))

rider: Soufian Sahli
text: Soufian Sahli


5. Wow, What Was that?

We work hard on it :))

rider: Boujmaa Guilloul
text: Boujmaa Guilloul


6. Cheese Roll

We work hard on it :))

rider: Zdeněk Marýzko
text: Zdeněk Marýzko


7. Long Carving Turns :))

episode 2 - Long Carving Turns - Video Tutorial

rider: Antonia Vcislo 2,5 years
text: Abderazaq Labdi


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