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Mohammed Elabdi (Momo)

Nationality: Moroccan
Place of birth: Moulay Bouzerktoun
Residence: Morocco
Other interests: Surfing, Standup paddling
Favorite food: couscous
sponsors: not yet
Favourite spot: Moulay Bouzerktoun

Momo is a pro local windsurfer from Moulay Bouzerktoune practicing windsurfing for about 6 years, especially during vacations and good conditional occasions with good wind and well-shaped waves, as he is still studing literature in Essaouira. His favourite subject is sport. The equipment he is using is often got from the tourists, from Moulay local friends, or borrowed from Bruno. He won the first place of junior when he was 16, and sixth in a professional competition which was organised by Hotsails Maui. His best spot for surfing and windsurfing after Moulay is Oum bir in Dakhla. He is thinking to carry on his English Studies in the university. At the same time, He wants to learn new moves and remedy his windsurfing skills so that he can be able to participate in international professional competitions abroad and make his place through professional riders

Mohamed’s photo gallery:

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