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We all can help without any costs!

Help us to support Kids of Moulay Bouzerktoun
  • How does it work?

It is very easy. We have implemented one of the world’s largest car rental systems, and we receive a commission for every completed order.. All the funds collected in the next six months will be used to purchase both new and used windsurfing equipment for Moulay Bouzertoun kids. The trustee of this equipment is going to be  Abderazq Labdi.

  • How can I help?

  1. Anywhere you travel, try to book and rent a car via our application form. The system is global, so even if you rent a car in Hawaii, we earn a couple of Euros for Moulay kids.
  2. Share and like our support page on social media.
  3. Place some of our banners and icons to your blogs or websites and link to our booking form: Banners and icons are going  to be in gallery down on this page.
  4. Talk to your friends and ask them to always check our offers before booking a car somewhere else.  When comparing  prices on the market is necessary to note that prices presented in our system are all-inclusive. There are no additional fees for insurance, deposits, etc.
  5. We have better chance to earn our commission if you delete cookies just before sending final internet order into the systém.
  6. If you like Morocco and Moulay Bouzerktoun like we do, don’t forget to book a car for your summer holiday with us. When we meet in Moulay next year and you see 10 kids making front loops on every second wave, you You will know that we have succeeded.

So, now just jump into the booking form and find your best holiday car:)

 See what equipment Moulay kids are using now 🙂